The UMEX and SimTEX Conference 2022 hosted its successful fifth edition on the 20th of February 2022 in-person at ADNOC Business Center and virtually. The conference has grown tremendously and highlighted the advanced engagement of unmanned systems technologies and how it will achieve its highest potential in the next decade.

The congregation of industry experts, academia thinkers and governmental entities provided the audience with unique opportunities to hear first-hand the challenges facing humanities, societies and industries as well as potential solutions to these challenges.

The UMEX Conference under the theme of Unmanned, Unbound: Realizing The Promise of The Unmanned Revolution, discussed the following subjects:

Understanding the Changing Unmanned Landscape

Facilitating Trust and Understanding: Human-Machine Teaming and Decision-Making in the Unmanned Age

Optimizing Innovation: Overcoming Adoption and Integration Challenges

Unmanned Systems and the 4IR: How Technology is Shaping Future Capabilities